1. Where is the Scrambler Fever Rally camp site located? Our scrambler-village is placed at "OŚRODEK KOŁATKA", Kołatka | 66-627 Bobrowice | woj. lubuskie
  2. When can I arrive to scrambler-village? You can arrive from early morning on Thursday June 16th 2022.
  3. When do I have to leave the scrambler village? Official end of Scrambler Fever is on Sunday, but if you want to stay a few days longer - it's perfectly fine only please let us know about that at the check-in.
  4. Can I come with my kids? Yep! There is a lot of attractions for them and they will not be the only ones?
  5. Can I take my dog/cat with me? Sure! Pets are welcome too. If you own a horse, you can bring it too!
  6. Can I come on a modern bike/car? Sure, but you have to park it at the designated area and unfortunaltelly you will not be able to take part in the rally.
  7. Are there showers on the campsite? Yes, all who will sleep in their own tent can use showers, toilets and sinks.
  8. Can I buy something to eat at the camp site? There is a restaurant on site that will serve meals purchased with the starter pack. Also there is a public grill and free access to a bonfire.
  9. Will the meals be sufficient? The meals are great, fresh and really tasty!The kitchen does not save on portions anyway!
  10. Can I pay by card? There might not be internet service at scrambler-village, so please bring cash (PLN or EUR).
  11. Can I buy a cup of coffe or tea at site? You won't need to buy it. There will be free coffe and tea 24h/7!
  12. Can I rent a boat or a bicycle somewhere? Sure! There are few boats, kayaks, bicycles and even horses!
  13. What if it will be raining for 3 days and I will be staying in a tent ? There is a huge dining room on site, so there is a possibility of using it when it rains..
  14. Are there any single rooms? Sorry, no.. If you come alone there is a possibility of staying in a 10-bed room with other guys.
  15. Can I ride with a passanger? Sure, it's up to you! But, as you know, the bike is easier to handle when you ride alone.
  16. Do you have a truck or so to help me when my bike breaks during the ride? Sure! We will help you as soon as possible!
  17. Where is the nearest gas station? Gas station is in Złocieniec, about 10km away from scrambler-village.
  18. Where is the nearest grocery store? The nearest grocery store is in Ostrowice, but the opening hours and assortment can be limited. Another store is in Złocieniec, about 10km from scrambler-village.
  19. How are the rooms equipped? In the room you will find: a bathroom with a shower , TV, fridge, bed linens etc. Guys who are sleepeing on camp site have acces to field kitchen!
  20. Can I wash my bike after the rally? Yep, there is acces to water.
  21. Who is the organizer of Scrambler Fever Rally? Red Hot Chili Customs
  22. When is the deadline for the entry fee? You book your stay via site CLICK. The payment for the fee is made automatically when you pay for your starter pack and book your stay in the room. Lack of payment 3 days after booking your stay means resignation from the rally and your room reservation will be cancelled.